A Vote To Gut Medicaid Is A Vote Against Families

Personal stories highlight the importance of Medicaid for individuals with disabilities and their families.
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In response to imminent threats to Medicaid, The Arc produced a series of videos which share personal stories of people with disabilities and their families, and highlight the vital importance of Medicaid in gaining access to the home and community based supports and services needed to live independent and fulfilling lives.

Meet Soojung. Her 11 year-old daughter, Alice, has Rett Syndrome and relies on overnight nursing services to be able to live at home with her family.

Watch as Linda from North Carolina tells the story of how Medicaid changed her son Javi’s life.

Listen to Bryan tell his story about how, without his Medicaid-funded support, he would not have graduated from college or gotten his job.

Watch Thelma speak on her need for a personal care attendant to perform daily tasks and her fears of having this vital service taken away by Medicaid cuts.

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