A V.P. Hint? VP's Convention Day Is Veteran Themed

Does the schedule for August's Democratic convention provide any clues to whom Barack Obama will pick as his vice president?

On a conference call on Monday morning, Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius and top ranking aide Anita Dunn announced that the theme for Wednesday -- the night on which the vice presidential candidate is scheduled to speak -- will be national security and honoring veterans. The choice, a reporter noted, lent itself to the interpretation that Obama would choose a running mate with background in military affairs -- like, say, Sen. Chuck Hagel or John Kerry.

Sebelius tried to nip the speculation in the bud.

"I think it is clear that Sen. Obama will announce his vice presidential choice when he is fully prepared to do that," she said. "It is my understanding that every potential vice presidential choice also has a speaking slot, so nothing should be read into themes, issues and ideas. There is an array of talent out there and when the senator makes that announcement you will be prepared to know."

But her answer fell somewhat short, leading Dunn to interject before the next question could be asked. "Wednesday night is thematically about securing America's future, it is about honoring our veterans and the families of our veterans... and how to make us safer and move past the divisiveness and into the future. I think anyone Sen. Obama picks as Vice President will be more than prepared to address those issues."

As for Sebelius, she was asked to divulge whether she, currently, was being vetted for the running mate spot.

"I have made it clear since I enthusiastically endorsed Sen Obama that I would be enthusiastic to do anything I can to help elect him president of the United States," she said. "Because I believe we need a leader just like him to take over the helm of this country and have the kind of change desperately needed. All of the information about the vice presidential selection process is being answered by the campaign. All the surrogates have been ask to defer requests for information to the campaign. And I will continue to do that."