A Weak Winner

You're good at what you do. You know you're strong at your craft. You are one talented individual but you're a weak winner. You are hard on yourself and you do not live in the moment. You are always looking for the next opportunity to do it the same way you have always done it.

Weak winning is another way to tell yourself that you don't enjoy small successes and that you're only interested in what you're good at. You're too busy anticipating tomorrow so much that today is irrelevant. What about the milestones along your journey? How about the times you failed on your way to the top and how those situations taught you to do it better? How about the times you said 'no' when you should have said 'yes' to a business deal or a decision of profit building potential?

Without creating milestones and phases at times of check-in for your project, or task, you have nothing to compare your success or failure to. This ultimately makes you a weak winner.

What is winning? Winning is a mix of lessons learned, relationships built, procedures followed, milestones tracked, defined success, building a better framework, continuously improving and living in the moment; whether it's a point of success or failure.

What I am saying is, even if you 'fail' at your task, you are still winning because you are able to draw strength and continuous improvement from that failure. Winning is to constantly refine your processes for higher efficiency and a bigger bang. We can always do better.

How to Win Strong:

1. Outline and Plan: Make sure you know what you're planned input will be and what your anticipated output will be. Be specific.

2. Document and Track : Measure how much time and resources you're putting into each task in order to achieve the end result or at least enough to get you to the next phase.

3. Anticipate costs and budget accordingly: Make sure to match up your credits and debits to the T.

4. Communicate and Market: Market yourself to a targeted audience while selling your product/service through activism.

5. Research and Purposefully Plan : Do your homework on the industry, audience, market and opportunities in the respective project or task. Find out what the demand is and fill in the holes through planning and assertive strategies.

6. Enjoy your small wins by documenting the good and bad throughout the process: Be proud of your accomplishments along the way and celebrate teamwork.

7. Challenge yourself by learning from your opposition: Learn from your opponent and leverage their weaknesses.

8. Reflect on the win or loss: Whether it's with your staff or your leadership partners, share the good and the bad about the process in order to make it more seamless and efficient the next time around.

9. Deliver a good product or service with the lessons learned and the tool box you have built for yourself.

10. Continuously Improve and learn from mentors and coaches: Know who to ask for advice and through your ego out in order to learn and grow as an individual and an entity.

How will you win?