The Wine Diagram for Millennials (Infographic)

In perfect holiday fashion, we're gift giving a little early for all of you millennials. Generation Y is not only ourbut our future so we're shedding some light on what yoube drinking.
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Generation Y is not only our now but our future, so we're shedding some light on what you should be drinking.

Have some fun as you journey through this infographic. Let us know which drink you end up with; be careful though, there is a possibility you could end up in Rob Ford's penthouse.

Cabernet SauvignonCongrats, your wine of choice is the Cabernet Sauvignon! You rank among the elite class, you are likely to have more than one scarf and your friends probably hate on you for having "priorities." Am I right or am I right? MerlotJudging by your above choices, it's clear that you like to have fun. Any hint of adventure peaks your interest; whether it's a camping trip with your friends or romantic Pokemon cosplay with your girlfriend, you're down for it all. ChardonnayFake glasses, 1 a.m. bike rides; it's safe to say you're the hipster type. Chardonnay is far from mainstream and there's a myth that it's mandatory for all Brooklyn residents.

Pinot GrigioYou chose all of the expected choices and for that reason you can reward yourself with a glass of Pinot Grigio. Besides, I'm pretty sure Tim Cook doesn't even read the iTunes User Agreements.

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