A World That Isn't

Someone asked why the woman didn’t assist her boyfriend in the latest shooting.

This isn’t an apology, a plea, or a please. Just the glimpse I got from Diamond’s video like the rest of you saw, and without being privy to investigative reports or physical files― and what comes from being in a law enforcement family for decades.

In somewhere Minnesota, cop pulls over a vehicle for busted tail light. Inside are three African Americans. Philando Castile, and his fiancé, Diamond, and their four-year-old in the backseat.

Maybe the MN cop is having a bad night, because we know a busted tail light is a minor infraction compared to what’s (crimes) happening in anywhere-usa right now. One that requires nothing more than a friendly, ‘Sir, you have a busted whatever-thing you need to fix― have a good day’. This would’ve been a wonderful opportunity to build trust.


I know my husband did plenty of those minor traffic offense stops as a beat officer in between runs. But, he did them (minor) only to foster better relationships, to improve police-public relations. And done in that faith, with a genuine goodwill, and respect toward humanity, the conclusion was one that ended positive on both sides. He’d inform, ‘You have a busted whatever’, then he’d run the license, and if no warrants, it ended with a, ‘This one’s on me. Have a good night, and get that fixed’.

One act of kindness begats another, is passed and told to at least ten others. He knew this. Many times, my husband carried toys, food, in his police car to give to kids who had none― purchased with his own money, money he earned working extra part-time jobs like most all underpaid anytown-anycity-usa police have to do to meet the bills.

Back to MN. Who knows. . . Maybe MN cop is looking for a suspect in the town’s latest robbery, or running routine traffic stops, or, maybe his girlfriend found another lover, or his wife is leaving him, or. . . who knows . . .

Who knows?

MN cop approaches car, and is duly informed by the black passenger inside that he is carrying a gun and has a permit.

Everything changes.

Shouting commands, cop’s adrenaline heightens.

More confusion.

Cop’s commands get more erratic. Cop is hesitating, (hesitating goes against what they’ve been trained to do, and is deadly) and his own fear is building and buckling.
Black male trying to comply, reaches under his bottom for wallet.

Cop, frantic, unsure, poorly trained, is now screaming, re-directing commands, then shoots.

Black male dies.

Diamond films on her phone, but keeps her hands up high, keeps a calm demeanor for fear of her life, her baby in backseat. In no way can this mama tend to her baby, her dying boyfriend beside her, her hands must stay high (10 and 2, 10 and 2, 10 and 2-high) and in the cop’s sight.

10 and 2.

Anything more, a change-in-inflection more, could trigger, and she will be shot. Killed. Helpless, she can only assure MN cop in a monotone voice she is complying.

Anything more.

A pinch more can become deadly.

Heartbreaking, we hear the baby girl assure her mama it will be all right.

all right.

The baby girl
is not,
and will never be
all right.


Baton Rouge isn’t,

Dallas isn’t,

Orlando isn’t,

Pick-any-town, isn’t,

and theaters

America isn’t.

We isn’t.

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