Asian American Journalism Organization Calls On Fox News To Apologize For 'Islamophobia'

Fox News Hit With Charges Of Islamophobia

The Asian American Journalists Association has called on Fox News to apologize for its recent segment on ISIS and the murder of US journalist James Foley.

In a letter posted to the organizations website, AAJA took serious issue with a recent discussion on "The Five" about the violent actions of the terrorist group ISIS. During the segment, co-host Andrea Tantaros spoke about Muslims, Islam and ISIS interchangeably.

“They’ve been doing this for hundreds and hundreds of years if you study the history of Islam,” she said. "This isn't a surprise. You can’t solve it with a dialogue. You can’t solve it with a summit. You solve it with a bullet to the head."

AAJA called the comments "alarming," "inflammatory" and accused the network of perpetuating "Islamophobia."

"AAJA calls for Tantaros and Fox News to apologize for the irresponsible, inflammatory statements," the organization said. "We also call on Fox News to discourage its journalists from making blanket comments that serve to perpetuate hate and Islamophobia. Muslims and Islam are not interchangeable terms with terrorists or ISIS. We in the media know better and must be vigilant in our choice of words."

Members of AAJA continued their demand for an apology on Twitter:

.@aaja demands apology from @foxnews for Islamaphobic comments

— Aziz Gilani (@TexasVC) August 27, 2014

@SBengali @TamerELG @aaja @FoxNews Cuz you see Christians and Hindus and Buddhists running around decapitating people

— Steve Renner (@EpikMani) August 27, 2014

Watch the video for the segment on Fox News.

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