Comedian, Aamer Rahman, Nails Why 'Reverse Racism' Doesn't Work (VIDEO)

Reverse Racism Only Works If...

You might have heard that irksome term "reverse racism" -- the idea that racism can be directed at majority groups by people in minorities.

The concept seems inherently problematic, but sometimes it's hard to put your finger on exactly why.

Well, Australian-based standup comedian, Aamer Rahman, can explain exactly why.

In just a few minutes he covers issues like colonization, imperialism, slavery, inequality, privilege, war, cultural superiority and internalized racism.

Now, if we could just go back in time, make the minority group the dominant group, and change history -- That would be reverse racism. BINGO.

Rahman is currently touring with comedian, Nazeen Hussain, in a show called Fear of a Brown Planet. Through comedy, they work to bring race issues to the attention of audiences.

So, next time you are having an argument with someone about why reverse racism doesn't really work, pull up this video and press play.

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