Aanav Jayakar, 18-Month-Old Geography Whiz, Would Be Helpful On A Road Trip (VIDEO)

Aanav Jayakar won't start driving for at least a decade, but when he does, he probably won't need a GPS. At 18-months-old, he can already identify 21 countries on a map and recite the capitals of 61 of them.

According to, the toddler's mom, Dr. Bijal Jayakar, is responsible for her son's impressive geography knowledge. "I said, 'Delhi is the capital of India' and he remembered. So I did China and France. The common ones. We started off with easy capitals and in six weeks, he knew 53 of them," she told the news source.

A video of Aanav showing off his talent went viral in August (you can watch that above), but mom is hoping to get even more attention. reports that she's contacted the "Ellen" show.

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