Aaron Carter Responds To 'Outlandish' Diss From Justin Bieber's Team

"The difference between Justin Bieber and I, now, is I produce my music."

Former teen pop star Aaron Carter is quite familiar with the media covering his past troubles, from his time in rehab to his financial woes.  But when the 28-year-old saw himself mentioned in a recent interview in Billboard Magazine given by Justin Bieber's attorney, Aaron Rosenberg, Carter had plenty to say in response. As he tells "Oprah: Where Are They Now -- Extra" in the above clip, he found one pointed question in that piece "really upsetting."

How did Bieber not turn into Aaron Carter? What went right?

"I found such offense to that," Carter says. "I thought that that was outlandish!"

Even though Bieber wasn't the one answering that question, Carter believes the "Sorry" singer still carries a certain amount of responsibility for allowing such a thing to be asked in the first place.

"I even tweeted at Justin Bieber. I said, 'You know what, Justin Bieber? Those are your people and you are a man. All questions are approved. Your entertainment attorney isn't going to allow a question like, "Hey, so how did you get Justin Bieber to stop throwing eggs at houses or pissing in buckets?" They're not going to approve that question, are they? No,'" Carter says. "Questions are approved. For them to do something like that, it just makes me go, 'Hmm. Why are you still talking about me?'"

Though Carter was offended by the question, he also finds it "flattering."

"Maybe there is some sort of threat here," he says. "And you know what? That's OK."

That said, Carter doesn't deny his respect for Bieber's music. In fact, Carter acknowledges that his own musical abilities at the start of his career couldn't compare to Bieber's early talent. "I value Justin Bieber's music. I think he's super-talented," Carter says. "I couldn't sing the way he could at his age. He was amazing. But, I can tell you now: I have worked on my craft."

Now, however, Carter points to what he sees as a big difference between the two.

"The difference between Justin Bieber and I, now, is I produce my music. I make it," Carter says. "I went through struggles that have really developed me into the man that I am and what I have to offer in the world."

"Maybe there is some sort of threat here. And you know what? That's OK."

If any of this sounds like Carter could be gearing up for a competition, that's something he welcomes.

"I absolutely, one million percent want to compete with Justin Bieber," he says. "I respect his music, but I want him to know, hey, this is my lane too. And I'm coming back."

He continues, "I'm going to do my best to succeed and be humble and respect [Bieber] as well, because I listen to his music. His music is amazing. With Skrillex and Diplo? I wish I had those kind of guys. But you know what? I don't. I have myself. And that's what my story means."

With a new album expected to be released this year -- his first in a decade -- Carter hopes to impress fans with an evolved music style that doesn't hold back.

"That's what I'm going to give people," he says. "I'm going to give them myself."

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