California Man Says He Found Glass Inside Bread From Von's Bakery

Man Bites Into Bread, Gets Mouth Filled With Glass

About a month ago, he told 10 News, he bit into an "artisan-style" loaf and felt a peculiar sensation.

"It just started feeling more and more grainy," he told the station. "That was then I kind of realized something was wrong." He spit the mouthful into his hand and says he found green glass shards.

Dusenberry went to 10 News with the story after claiming that he had not received a satisfactory response from the chain. He told the station that he just wanted "an apology" and for them to figure out why the glass was there.

10 News reports that Vons emailed them to state that they are still investigating the situation.

Glass seems to be finding its way into a variety of foods lately.

On Friday, Nestle issued a recall for around 500,000 Lean Cuisine ravioli dishes after three consumers reported finding glass fragments in food.

In January, a mother in Canada reported that her 3-year-old daughter cut her mouth, cheeks and tongue after swallowing pieces of glass found inside a Subway sandwich.

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