High Schooler Easaw Helping Others Like Him

Most high-schoolers are thinking about homework and who to ask to the next big dance. Aaron Easaw is handling his business.


As a sophomore in high school Easaw started INC.UBATOR, an accelerator for high school entrepreneurs like himself.

Photo courtesy of Aaron Easaw

For those that don't know, an accelerator is a program that allows entrepreneurs to have access to tools and advice from other entrepreneurs.

Easaw has had an eye on entrepreneurship since he was a young boy.

"Entrepreneurship has always fascinated me. Even at a super young age, I would try anything I could to see how businesses work," said Easaw. "My aunt and uncle own numerous businesses that I would go to after school. Seeing them work hard and hustle every day from an early age really had an impression on me."

Easaw started INC.UBATOR when he came to the realization that entrepreneurship isn't taught in a traditional high school classroom.

The IB school that he attends are used to him having to leave class for a conference call or a meeting.

For Easaw, balancing business with homework is the biggest battle.

"Trying to be balanced while in a high school like mine is extremely hard," said Easaw. "I'll often be on a call and be working on homework at the same time. I knock out the most amount of school work in the air."

As a high-schooler, Easaw has received mixed responses from older people due to his success.

Easaw doesn't let the noise phase him.

"There's been a ton of older people that are always skeptical or jealous about what I'm doing," said Easaw. There are times that ego turns people away from doing business with me. But thankfully most people now look upon young entrepreneurs with more respect."

Instead of watching Netflix and frequenting Chipotle in his spare time, Easaw is constantly working on making INC.UBATOR as fun and resourceful as possible.

"Normal teenage accelerators bring local mentors into a classroom to give students the opportunity to 'network'." Said Easaw. "INC.UBATOR is more along the lines of a TopGolf night with a dozen Forbes 30 Under 30 to bond organically."

Photo Courtesy of Aaron Easaw

His 2016 plans?

"My goal with 2016 is just pure growth on all fronts. I've been working a lot purely on planning and setting things up for 2016," said Easaw. "It's time to start executing and I'm extremely excited for what this year holds."

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