Aaron Eckhart Says He Argued With Nicole Kidman On Set Of 'Rabbit Hole'

The fighting on camera wasn't just fiction.

Aaron Eckhart spoke with E! about his on-set experience with Nicole Kidman, his co-star in the marriage drama 'Rabbit Hole,' and he said, contrary to popular belief, things weren't always so easy off screen, either.

"She was irritated with me and I was irritated with her but that's the way movie-making is," he said about the atmosphere while shooting a particularly difficult scene. "For one day, are we not allowed? For half a day even?... It's so surprising to me when people are surprised that movie making is sometimes tense and uncomfortable because inherently it's going to be."

Eckhart, who is unmarried and has no children, told Conan O'Brien last night that it was difficult for him to relate to his character, a married man with kids.

Luckily, the on-screen fighting wasn't severe enough for the friendship with Kidman to end -- she has been trying to set up the handsome star during public appearances to promote the film.