Aaron Latham, Nude Man, Steals Truck And Crashes Through House

'He Was Naked And I Thought It Was A Prank'; Turns Out It Was A Rampage

When Blake Bullock stopped his truck for a naked man in the street on Thursday, he thought he was the victim of a sick joke.

If only he were that lucky. Aaron Latham, 22, wasn't sober and he definitely wasn't joking.

"He just jumped in front of my truck, and he was naked and I thought it was a prank or something," Bullock told the Star Press. "I was honking at him, and he started ramming his head into my front bumper over and over again."

Bullock had found Latham at a bad time during his night, which started at about 9 p.m. when he allegedly climbed an electricity pole in Muncie, In. Cops were called to the scene, but Latham escaped them by running down the street.

That's when he found Bullock.

The driver got out of his truck to help the disturbed man, but took off when Latham started running toward him.

"I just ran away, not thinking he was going to hop in my truck," Bullock told the paper.

Latham did, and allegedly took off in the stolen vehicle, driving straight through the front door of a home at 50 mph.

The crash ended his nude spree, and nobody was injured during the incident.

Latham was charged with DUI, criminal mischief, auto theft and resisting arrest, according to the Delaware County Sheriff's Office. He has a long rap sheet, including a yearlong prison sentence after he was among a group of three men who burned a cross in the backyard of a black woman.

Latham isn't the only one going on naked rampages.

Earlier this month, a convicted sex offender who was just released from prison allegedly broke into a Goodwill store without clothes, put on a red dress and heels and danced around. Security footage caught Adam Mabery dripping blood on nearby surfaces as he danced.

On April 4, 26-year-old Robert Kuhn allegedly greased himself up -- while nude, of course -- and got himself stuck in an exhaust pipe at his former employer in Springfield, Mass.

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Correction: A previous version of the article stated that the incident happened in Delaware. It happened in Delaware County, Indiana. We regret the error.

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