Aaron Paul Pulls The Biggest 'Breaking Bad' Prank Of All Time

This "Breaking Bad" news is no joke. Wait, no scratch that, it is a joke ... we think.

Aaron Paul stopped by HuffPost Live to talk about his new film "Hellion," plus -- what else? -- "Breaking Bad" and its much-hyped spin-off "Better Call Saul." While fans are definitely excited Vince Gilligan is keeping the world of Walter White alive, we can't help but dream of more episodes of the original show one day gracing our TV sets. Well, according to Paul, that dream might still be alive.

Everyone's favorite meth-dealing bad boy addressed his co-star Bryan Cranston's previous comments of future "Breaking Bad" episodes and let slip some huge news. "It's out though, right?" Paul said when asked about a second helping of Heisenberg. "I didn't think that news was supposed to be public yet but yeah, we are doing another season."

Be still our beating hearts! No seriously, calm down because Paul just proved when it comes to pranks, he's the one who knocks ... our dreams to the dirt and then stomps on them repeatedly before rolling them over and letting them choke to death. After getting us sufficiently psyched for more of the hit AMC series, Jesse Pinkman came clean and set the record straight.

"No that's a lie," Paul laughingly admitted. "That's not happening guys, come on!"

And the Emmy goes to ...



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