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Aaron Paul, 'Breaking Bad's' Jesse Pinkman, Is Into Food


Our favorite foul-mouthed "Breaking Bad" character, Jesse Pinkman, might spend his time cooking blue meth, but what he really digs is food. And as food lovers ourselves, we were more than a little thrilled to learn that Aaron Paul -- the actor who plays Jesse -- digs what we dig.

(Truth be told, we were ecstatic. There may have been a little bit of squealing and some jumping up and down.)

Buzzfeed recently brought this food fact to our attention in its 35 Reasons Why Aaron Paul Should Be Your Favorite Actor On Television. They scoped out his Twitter feed and highlighted some eye-opening tweets. Food aside, we learned that Aaron Paul's into wildlife, has a big heart, and does puzzles. Pizza seems to be his thing too.

Oh, and on a side note -- just to truly cement our love for Aaron Paul -- he's gotta have his Pops. (Yep, he was one of the kids in those commercials.)

So, we took it upon ourselves to see what else Aaron Paul had to say about food and we found a lot of great tweets. So yo, check it out bitches! (Sorry, we had to go there.)

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