Aaron Paul Is Accidentally Turning On People's Xbox Ones

Aaron Paul Is Accidentally Turning On People's Xbox Ones

Former “Breaking Bad” star Aaron Paul is going to turn on your Xbox One console, and there's almost nothing you can do about it.

The actor appears in the most recent commercial for Microsoft’s popular gaming and entertainment device to show off some of the console's key features, such as its graphics, recording capabilities and, apparently, its sensitive voice command system.

In the 30-second commercial, Paul uses some of the console’s voice commands, including “Xbox On." This command is causing many Xbox Ones to turn on whenever the commercial plays in the same room as the device. Several Xbox One owners have taken to Twitter to express their frustration with the ad’s effect.

In addition to being angry about having to turn off their consoles, many Xbox fans are upset that the commercial seems to be for the marked-down $399 Xbox One, which doesn’t include a Kinect sensor like its $499 counterpart, and therefore cannot perform any of the voice command functions showcased in the commercial.

As CNET notes, “That could prove confusing to customers who don’t follow the ins and outs of the gaming industry and wonder why, out of the box, their $400 Xbox One won’t deliver the Aaron Paul experience.”

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