Aaron Paul's Tribute To 'Beautiful' Grandma Will Make You Melt

What a heartfelt message.

“Breaking Bad” star Aaron Paul routinely professes his love for his “angelic goddess” wife on Instagram, but yesterday it was another “beautiful” woman he had on his mind: his 94-year-old grandmother.

“It’s amazing what your heart does when it is jolted,” Paul began the heartfelt post, showing him stroking his grandmother’s face in the hospital. 


The actor recounted how his grandma was out for a walk recently with her dog when she took a nasty fall, splintering her back in six places and landing herself in the hospital. Grandma proceeded to call all of her grandkids to say her goodbyes. “She would always tell us, ‘I love you all the same. No favorites’,” he wrote. 

But ever a fighter, grandma is now recuperating back at home, luckily. The accident, however, prompted the actor to remind everyone how precious life is.

“Anyone who is reading this and are lucky enough to have grandparents in their life... call them. Let them know how much you love them,” Paul wrote. 

A beautiful grandmother and a beautiful reminder, indeed, that we should never forget our elders, especially around the holidays. 



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