Aaron Rodgers Slams 'Game Of Thrones' Finale: 'Dany Should've Been On The Throne'

"You come down to the end and Tyrion says the person with the best story is Bran?" said the Green Bay Packers quarterback in an interview on Tuesday.

Aaron Rodgers was not happy with how the “Game of Thrones” series finale went down.

“I love the show and it was a great 10 years, but no. You come down to the end and Tyrion says the person with the best story is Bran? Who, by the way, three episodes ago said he wasn’t Bran Stark anymore. No,” said the Green Bay Packers’ quarterback in an interview on Tuesday shared on Twitter by WISN’s Stephen Watson.

“Jon had a better story. Dany had a better story. Arya had a better story. Sansa had a better story. Tyrion had a better story. Varys had a better story. Bronn, a lot better story. Jaime, better story. Cersei, probably better stories. Any Baratheon, better story.”

When asked point-blank who he thought should’ve been on the throne, the football player — who also had a cameo on the very show he’s discussing — said: “I think Dany should’ve been on the throne.”

Rodgers went on to share his theory about the intentions of Bran Stark, who ultimately became King Bran the Broken at the end of the series.

“If Bran, the Three-Eyed Raven, who’s all about the health of the realm. Let’s think about what he did. He basically wanted the throne the whole time because he’s the one that told the Starks, knowing that Sansa would tell Tyrion, knowing that Tyrion would talk to Varys, knowing that he’d scheme for Dany’s death, knowing that would piss her off, which led her to be the Mad Queen,” said a heated Rodgers, before adding:

“So he, the entire time, set the whole thing up and then at the end goes, ‘Oh yeah, I don’t want to be king. Oh, but why did I travel all this way to be here?’ No.”

The 35-year-old went on to say that he loved the opportunity to be on the show, but couldn’t resist a dig at the writers: “I love the show, but the writers are also doing ‘Star Wars,’ so I think they might have been a little busy.”

Rodgers was referencing the news that came out earlier this week, confirming that a “Star Wars” film helmed by “Game of Thrones” showrunners D. B. Weiss and David Benioff would come out in 2022.

The California native may not have liked how the show turned out at the end, but at least his cameo will live on in the inevitable rewatching fans are sure to do in the years ahead.

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