Aaron Rodgers Silent On Ryan Braun's Suspension, Loses Bet With Todd Sutton (TWEETS)

Todd Sutton is flexible. He is also potentially in line for quite a payday now that MLB has suspended Ryan Braun for violations of the league's Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program.

After Ryan Braun successfully appealed a 50-game suspension from MLB in February 2012 following a positive test for a banned substance during the 2011 season, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers tweeted his support for the 2011 NL MVP. In his defense of Braun at the time, Rodgers used the word "exonerated" in several tweets and even said he would bet his 2012-13 salary that the Brewers' slugger wasn't using performance-enhancing drugs. That wager was suggested in response to a tweet from Sutton.

“I’d just take a game check,” Sutton told USA TODAY Sports on Tuesday. “I’m not really expecting to hear from him. It’d be cool, but I doubt it’s going to happen."

Rodgers, who is business partners with Braun on a restaurant in Brookfield, Wis., didn't just voice his support for the All-Star on Twitter.

“He told me the truth and I believed him and I felt like there were some media outlets that immediately jumped on a story like that,” Rodgers told ESPN’s Bob Holtzman in September 2012, via ProFootballTalk. “And the ramifications that can happen in this business when it’s a guilty until proven innocent system are far reaching. And it’s not just personal and reputation stuff, it’s dollars through endorsements.”

In the immediate aftermath of MLB ending Braun's season, Rodgers has remained silent. Sutton, meanwhile, has been picking up followers on Twitter and supporters of his claim for Rodgers' salary.



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