Aaron Schock Is Either Gay Or In The Closet, Mario Cantone Claims On 'The View'

Out comedian Mario Cantone believes Republican Congressman Aaron Schock of Illinois is either gay or in the closet.

The "Sex and the City" star made the claims about Schock in an installment of "The View" this week during a discussion about a Politico piece titled "The Secret History of Women in the Senate," which reported that the U.S. Senate's swimming pool had once been off limits to women because male senators enjoyed swimming nude.

Overhead monitors cut to a shirtless Men's Health photograph of Schock, who has a severe anti-gay voting record, after which "View" co-host Nicolle Wallace remarked that the congressman's presence might make the swimming pool more inviting.

'If he’s a Democrat, he’s gay," Cantone shot back. "If he’s a Republican, he’s in the closet. Come on, look at him!'

As a 2009 Details profile pointed out, Schock has been dogged by speculation over his sexuality for years, even though he has repeatedly stated that he is straight. In 2012, he shrugged off the rumors in an interview with HuffPost Gay Voices Editor-At-Large Michelangelo Signorile, saying questions about his sexuality were "completely ridiculous and inappropriate.”

Still, in January 2014, journalist Itay Hod sparked a social media firestorm after he appeared to out the congressman on Facebook.

Hod, who has appeared on CBS and LOGO, did not specifically name Schock in the post, but nonetheless referenced "a certain GOP congressman, let's just say from Illinois," and implied that said politician had been caught showering with a male roommate and "trolling gay bars" despite being vehemently opposed to marriage equality and other LGBT rights. He then added a link to an Americablog.com piece entitled "The 7 gayest Aaron Schock Instagram posts of 2013."



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