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Aaron Schock On 'Top Chef': Congressman Challenges Contestants To Make Lobbyist-Safe Meals (VIDEO)

Wearing a pink shirt and boyish grin, HuffPost-reader-named-hottie Aaron Schock appeared on "Top Chef" to challenge the seasoned contenders to make a meal fit for a congressman.

A few years back, Congress passed lobbying and ethics reform measures that made it harder (not impossible) to woo politicians with lavish meals and gifts. The loophole pols and lobbyists quickly found for food was that hors d'oeuvres were fair game as long as they could be eaten standing up. Hence the challenge: Court a congressman with a meal on a toothpick.

This prompted contestant Stephen Hopcraft to say, "It does make sense...because lobbyists could buy themselves some laws if things like this weren't put into place." I believe our lobbyblog team would like to have a word with you about non-food-related loopholes, Stephen.

Schock shot down some season favorites and named the ever-suave Angelo Sosa winner of the high-stakes quickfire.