Aaron Sorkin Quits Facebook: 'The Social Network' Writer Says He Doesn't Plan To Return (POLL)

Screenwriter and producer Aaron Sorkin has quit Facebook, he revealed today at the Cannes Lions Festival in France.

The writer of Facebook movie "The Social Network" said he only used the site briefly for research and doesn't plan to return to the site, The Drum reports.

"I have a lot of opinions on social media that make me sound like a grumpy old man sitting on the porch yelling at kids," Sorkin confessed.

The news has made waves on social media, shared on Twitter by CNN's Piers Morgan and others. Facebook user Thomas Coleman was among those to share the news on Facebook, calling Sorkin a "Grumpy Old Writer."

Despite the move, there are plenty of other fake Aaron Sorkin accounts on Facebook, at least as of this writing.

Sorkin won an Oscar for "The Social Network" and he has also blogged for The Huffington Post.

WATCH Sorkin discuss his Oscar: