Aasif Mandvi Details How He Found Out Trevor Noah Would Be New 'Daily Show' Host

Longtime "Daily Show" correspondent Aasif Mandvi stopped by "The HuffPost Show" Friday night to talk about his new HBO series "The Brink," his new web series "Halal in the Family," and of course, all the changes at "The Daily Show."

With Jon Stewart signing off in August, and Trevor Noah taking over the host's desk soon after, Comedy Central's flagship show will surely look different in the year to come. And as Mandvi put it, "daddy's leaving, everyone's kinda freaking out."

As many people speculated that Mandvi would succeed Stewart as host, Roy Sekoff asked Mandvi how the show delivered the news that Noah had been picked.

"I found out the same way that everyone else on the show found out." He went on, "You know I have a show, I'm doing 'The Brink' and I'm very excited about it, and so a) not even available to do it. I'm an actor at the end of the day and I love doing that. And I wish Trevor all the best."

For more from Aasif Mandvi on "The Daily Show" changes, watch the video above.

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