A Nighttime Road Trip Through Texas' Prettiest Ghost Towns

Want to see America at its most fascinating? Would you mind if it were slightly eery at the same time? You’ve probably never thought about a road trip like this before. Diners? Check. Motels? Check. Toll booths and gas stations? Double check. But oh, there's so much more (or is it less?) to this automobile adventure.

Photographer Noel Kerns has traveled around taking photos of Texas’ ghost towns at night, capturing both the beauty and the creepy. He then uses a light-painting technique to make these abandoned pit stops that much more extraordinary. You can see more of his photos in his book Nightwatch: Painting With Light, but come on, how awesome would it be to hit the road and find these old school diners ourselves? A little scary, yes, but totally worth it. Here’s proof:



The Chuck Wagon cafe
the chuck wagon

Drive-In ticket booth

truck stop


Carl's Corner highway sign

On the famous Route 66:



ludlow gas

moonlight retreat