These Photos Of Abandoned Asylums Will Keep You Awake Tonight

These Photos Of Abandoned Asylums Will Keep You Awake Tonight

They're the stuff of every horror flick you've ever seen -- but they're real.

Photographer Dan Marbaix -- of Odins Raven Photography -- has always had a thing for abandoned buildings. When he visited the now-defunct West Park Hospital in England, he realized asylums have everything a photographer wants.

Asylums were made so nobody would have to leave, he told HuffPost Weird News, and now, years later, everything is still in place: Beds, photos, and even hair salons are still intact. And they're as creepy as ever.

Marbaix declined to give much identifying information about the locations in his photos, saying that many of them end up vandalized and ransacked. But he did discuss why he gets so high on (probably haunted) asylums. Check out his photos and comments below.

"I actually like taking photos of all things abandoned, but I have a particular love of asylums because of their size and range of environments," Photographer Dan Marbaix says.
"They were designed so that people didn't have to leave, so they had things like salons ...
... dentists ...
"The larger ones are like small towns where people lived large parts of their lives."
"I first visited West Park nearly six years ago ...
... It was one of my first ever urban explores and I was hooked after my first visit. It took around 40 visits to see the whole place."
"It has now been redeveloped into high end housing [not pictured]."
"Urban exploration has been a very positive thing for me."
"I've travelled, met some great people and produced a book (with my fellow explorer Daniel Barter)."
"It was only ever supposed to be a hobby."
"I took photos to document the places I was seeing and people enjoyed them ...
... so I took more and haven't really stopped."
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