Abandoned Baby Found In Jonas Brothers Backpack Outside Arizona Grocery

The 911 caller told police, "She's beautiful."

Police in Tempe, Arizona, are looking for any information about a baby girl found alive inside a Jonas Brothers backpack Sunday night.

A passer-by found the backpack holding the newborn child in a shopping cart in a grocery store parking lot, according to

The temperature at the time was 103 degrees, and the baby was wrapped in a blanket.

The witness brought the child to the store manager, who called 911.

When the dispatcher asked if the girl appeared injured, he replied, “She’s beautiful,” while the child cried and gurgled, according to a 911 call obtained by Inside Edition.

The caller told police part of the baby’s umbilical cord was still attached.

“Oh my goodness,” the caller said. “The baby was just barely born right now.”

Police picked up the child and took her to a hospital, where she was reported in good health. She is now in foster care, according to Phoenix station KSAZ.

Anyone with information about the child or her parents is asked to call 480-350-8311.

Whoever abandoned the child might be facing criminal charges, which is ironic since the baby girl was left only 50 feet from a fire station, which is considered a “safe haven,” according to Paul Nies, the assistant chief for the Tempe Fire Medical Rescue Department.

“There’s a certain amount of frustration that all they had to do was walk 50 feet away to the fire station, give us the child, no questions asked. We’d have taken care of that baby,” Nies told

Arizona state law says that parents who surrender an unharmed newborn within 72 hours of birth to a Safe Haven provider will not face criminal charges. 



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