Abandoned Japanese Home Was Once A Grand Mansion, Now Mysteriously Houses Fake Teeth (PHOTOS)

We can't quite wrap our brains around this mystery.

An abandoned home usually offers a little more than a bunch of stray cats, dust and sadness. Occasionally, we get to see a glimpse (albeit a mysterious one) into the past -- like this stunning forgotten home of Japanese politician and writer, Mr. H.

According to the blog "Tokyo Times," Mr. H owned this 1928 home, but may not have actually lived in it. It's unclear who occupied the space, but one thing's for sure: At one time, this was a gorgeous home. Sure, the place has cracked walls, broken floors and for some reason, a pair of fake teeth, but by looking at the amazing second floor, round top windows and what's left of the furniture, it's clear to see this home was a place of grandeur. It's just a shame no one really knows much about it.

Click through our slideshow of photos from Lee Chapman for the "Tokyo Times," and be sure to head over the blog for more information.

Abandoned Japanese Home

Abandoned Japanese Home

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