Abandoned Mall Becomes Home To Thousands Of Koi In Thailand (PHOTOS)

It wouldn't take very long for nature to reclaim much of the world that humanity's paved over, but a mall in Thailand has far exceeded anyone's expectations.

Bangkok's New World Mall was closed in 1997 and the structure's roof collapsed two years later, allowing more than a decade of rainwater to slowly fill the building. To deal with a growing mosquito problem, locals introduced freshwater tilapia and koi that have now taken over the urban lake, according to a report from the Daily Mail.

Photographer Jesse Rockwell said he's lived in Thailand for nearly 10 years and had heard of the phenomena from friends. Aside from a rusty sign out front reading "strictly no entrance beyond this point," the structure has remained mostly untouched for the past 15 years and the only crowds are now underwater.

"The small population of fish began to thrive and the result is now a self-sustained, and amazingly populated urban aquarium," Rockwell wrote on his blog.

A story in the Bangkok Post said the newfound attention has caused local officials to worry about the safety of the structure. A committee will soon inspect the building, and if deemed unsafe, it will be destroyed and the fish removed.

Take a look below.

koi mall

koi mall 2



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