Abandoned Mansion Features Upholstered Furniture, Pictures Still Hanging On Walls (PHOTOS)

Every once in a while, we come across photos of abandoned mansions that have us shaking our heads. We find it difficult to believe that anyone would leave these gorgeous homes -- often still totally furnished -- to atrophy.

We stumbled upon photos of one such home in the Netherlands. Niki Feijen snapped photos of the house, whose carpets have been overrun by moss, thanks to a hole in the roof. Feijen told The Huffington Post, "Normally in The Netherlands a place like that would be demolished or re-occupied within months. The rain has been pouring inside for months and Mother Nature's forces are relentless."

The photos are unbelievable. The home contains gorgeous damask-covered walls, an upholstered couch, wooden furniture and there are even still photos on the walls.


abandoned mansion

Photo by Niki Feijen: Website / Facebook

abandoned mansion

Photo by Niki Feijen: Website / Facebook

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