Abandoned Floating McDonald's Does NOT Serve Happy Meals

Whatever you eat here is one sad, sad meal.

This boat was once home to a rare floating McDonald's, which was built as a shining beacon of innovation for Canada's 1986 World Expo. Conveyer belts delivered shakes and fries, glass windows offered panoramic views, and a tiny tugboat pulled up alongside the barge to collect Big Mac wrappers and cups.

But everything screeched to a halt when the Expo ended, and plans to move the boat to a new spot fell through. Now the abandoned restaurant -- officially nicknamed "The McBarge" -- floats alone in the Burrard Inlet, near an oil refinery.

The burgers may last forever, but the glory fades.

The McBarge is reportedly on private property, so you're not technically allowed to visit. However, some intrepid explorers have checked it out, citing a local law that supposedly allows castaways to take solace on abandoned boats when their vessel fails at sea.

So grab a raft, poke a few holes, and enjoy your time as a swashbuckling Hamburglar. Ahoy!

H/T Imgur