Abandoned Palaces Are Like An Eerie Time Capsule (PHOTOS)

These 19 photos are completely fascinating.

There's something eerily fascinating about an abandoned building and the way it acts as a time capsule for lifeways past, and we couldn't stop waxing poetic for former royalty when we saw these formerly grand buildings. Once you get past the decay of these abandoned palaces it's easy to get wrapped up in thoughts of elegant ladies and dapper gents roaming their halls long ago.

Photographer Thomas Jorion elaborates on that feeling: "My work is based on our perception of time, how it passes and especially its lack of linearity. Some places seem frozen as time passes by," he said on his website.

Check out Jorion's snapshots of forgotten palaces in Europe below and see how hard it is not to wonder about the extravagant lives of their owners past.

Forgotten Palaces