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Weeks-Long Mission To Crack Abandoned Safe Yields Trove Of Gold Coins

Better safe than sorry. Especially when it comes to cracking open old, um, safes.

A stash of several boxes of gold coins, as well as jewelry and silver, were found Monday in an old concrete-lined safe in Houston, Texas, KPRC reports. The safe was brought to a locksmith by a customer who had been entrusted with it by relatives of its late owner. Opening it, however, took several weeks.

"Sometimes it gives up easy; sometimes you've got to work at it," locksmith Robbie Rivera told KTRK-TV. "I was going to get some C4."

Law enforcement arrived shortly to take custody of the treasure before the interested parties, including the late owner's estate, divvied up the spoils.

Abandoned safes do seem to have a way of paying out. In May, an abandoned safe in Tennessee yielded pocket watches, soggy money, jewelry and collectible silver coins.

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