You Won't Be Able To Stop Looking At This Creepy Abandoned Treehouse Mansion (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: An Abandoned Treehouse Mansion You Won't Stop Looking At

Every once in a while, we come upon photos of a forgotten space that's so amazing, we have no idea why anyone would ever leave it behind. And this abandoned treehouse we came across on Flickr shot by photographer Drew Perlmutter is no exception.

What appears to be a two-story, child-size replica of a Victorian-style home, sits at the top of a tree strewn with Spanish moss. (Which furthers the unsettling vibe.) Although the inside has been left in disarray, features like the architectural trim, white and blue wallpaper and bay windows rival most luxury full-size homes. In its heyday, this must have been *the* most envied backyard play area in town. Hell, we wouldn't mind having one of these retreats now.

drew perlmutter

drew perlmutter

drew perlmutter

drew perlmutter

drew perlmutter

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