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Abbie Klenzman, Hairstylist, Shares Her Simple Fragrance Trick For Moms On The Go

05/22/2014 12:22pm ET | Updated December 6, 2017

When you see the words DIY deodorant, what comes to mind?

Hairstylist Abbie Klenzman admits that she wasn't too impressed by the usual natural formulas, but her friend Sarah Swain founder of Louisville, KY-based Ladybird Apothecarie changed Abbie's mind. "I was skeptical because in my profession, I have to be really close to people." (She currently works at Arté Salon.)

But, after receiving some samples, Abbie was sold. The product, called Deo, has "just four ingredients: coconut oil, corn starch, baking soda and fragrance," which is great for mothers because "with breast feeding the [deodorant] chemicals are right there, so this product is literally edible."

Along with the deodorant, Abbie told us she also uses Ladybird's Spritz on a regular basis, especially the lavender and geranium scents. Although antiperspirant is the simple fix for every day body odor, Abbie explains that an extra spray of fragrance can refresh a busy mom.

"As a mom, you have to schedule showers -- and sometimes that doesn't always work," she says, adding that she always wears the spritzes -- "that's what's amazing when you have a kid you always have to look and smell a little more fresh than you are."

And that's why we salute all of you moms out there!

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