ABC Exec Admits 'We Made Some Mistakes' With Michael Strahan's 'Live' Exit

Ya think?

Michael Strahan’s “Live with Kelly and Michael” exit earlier this year left everyone blindsided, including his co-host, Kelly Ripa.

After Strahan announced he was leaving “Live” in April for a new gig with “Good Morning America,” Ripa responded by refusing to show up to her job for a few days, fueling rumors that she was kept in the dark about the news. When she did return, the 45-year-old and Strahan, 44, shared more than a few uncomfortable, tense moments. 

In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, ABC News President Ben Sherwood addressed Strahan’s dramatic exit and admitted it could have gone down differently.  

“I certainly learned that more communication is better,” Sherwood said. “We made some mistakes, we fixed them quickly, and we moved on.” 

Strahan’s exit date was one of those quick fixes. Originally, the host was supposed to depart closer to the beginning of his new “GMA” gig, in September. But, after a few meetings between the two men, that date was moved up to April, and Strahan left much earlier than expected ― on a Friday the 13th, no less.

The former “Live” co-host recently made his full-time debut on “GMA,” but the search for Ripa’s next co-host continues.   

“I was on the set of ‘Live recently’” Sherwood said. “The show is in great shape, Kelly is in a great place, the hunt for a new co-host is underway, the excitement is building, and I believe the future of that show is bright.” 

To read the rest of Sherwood’s THR interview, head here. 



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