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ABC Flips: To Now Air 'Killed' Robert Kennedy Jr. Interview. ABC Responds ...

ABC Flips: To Now Air 'Killed' Robert Kennedy Jr. Interview. ABC Responds ...

ABC News will now air the 'killed' Robert Kennedy Jr. interview after all.

ABC statement: “Had anyone called us about your unsourced posting I would have been glad to tell you that ABC News is hard at work on that report. We will air when and if we deem it ready, as our audience would expect. As for the rest of the post, at least as it pertains to ABC and ABC News, there isn't a shred of truth. I think your source is using you to try and influence us. That's ineffective, not to mention, dishonest.”

HuffPost responds: 1) Our post is based only on people involved first hand. 2) We stand behind our original story.

Previously, ABC corporate executives at the network's highest levels ordered three interviews with Robert Kennedy Jr. pulled from ABC News programming.

The interviews all centered around Mr. Kennedy's investigation of thimerosal, a mercury based preservative, used in vaccines given to children and believed to be responsible for increasing cases of neurological diseases including autism.

Mr. Kennedy's interviews were slated for prime shows ABC World News Tonight, 20/20, and Good Morning America. Salon.com and Rolling Stone Magazine have exclusive rights to Mr. Kennedy’s article and they embargoed his story on other networks because of his arrangement with ABC.

Mr. Kennedy’s article was published today only in Rolling Stone and on Salon.com. The article links the CDC, FDA and Bill Frist to major drug companies, including GlaxoSmithKline, Merck, Wyeth, and Aventis Pasteur that continued to include thimerosal in their vaccines despite studies showing the damage – and death – it caused in humans. In the 1990s the CDC and FDA recommended three additional children's vaccines laced with thimerosal, totaling twenty two federally recommended immunizations.

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, who has received $873,000 from pharmaceutical companies, tacked on the "Eli Lilly Protection Act" as a rider to a 2002 homeland security bill. The protection act was later repealed by Congress after a public outcry. Senator Frist is making another attempt to harbor big pharmaceuticals from families with infected children. He is appropriating the war on terror again by attaching a provision to the "Protecting America in the War On Terror" bill introduced to Congress this past January.

A 2001 Emory University Study watched ABC, CBS, and NBC in the Atlanta area for one week and found 907 advertisements for over-the-counter drugs and 428 advertisements for prescription drugs.

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