Journalist Reacts To Being Shot In The Neck In The Philippines In Calmest Way Possible

"Bullet is still in my neck, but it missed everything important."

An Australian journalist has brushed off being shot in the neck.

A bullet struck Adam Harvey just below his left ear as he covered a military battle with Islamic State-aligned militants in the southern Philippines city of Marawi for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation on Thursday.

Harvey shared this X-ray of his injuries to Twitter soon after, alongside a single word: “Lucky.”

“Thanks everyone ― I’m okay,” said the 43-year-old in another tweet that he posted on leaving hospital. 

“Bullet is still in my neck, but it missed everything important,” added Harvey, who is from Sydney but is now based in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta.

Harvey said he was bending down to get supplies out of a car when he suddenly “felt an almighty stabbing at the side of my neck.”

He initially thought shrapnel had struck him, but he discovered during treatment at hospital that he had a bullet lodged behind his jaw.

It looks like I’ve been hit with a cricket ball,” he said in video ABC News posted online: 

HuffPost has reached out to Harvey for comment.

The Mindanao island city in which Harvey was injured has been the scene of intense fighting in this month. Reuters news agency reports that hundreds have been killed in clashes between security forces and militants in the past three weeks.