ABC News' 'Made In America' Series Focuses On Boosting Amount Of American-Made Goods

ABC News is doing a series focusing on purchasing goods that were made in America--and the network is completely revamping one Texas family's home to see if it's even possible to only use products with the "made in the USA" sticker on them.

The series, called "Made in America," focuses on the increasing paucity of American-made goods in peoples' everyday lives. According to ABC News, just half of the products people use were made in the U.S.--and if 1 percent more were spent on American-made items, 200,000 jobs would be instantly created.

ABC's weekend anchor David Muir went to Dallas to meet the Usry family. In a report that aired Monday, the Usrys went through their house and discovered that nearly everything in it--from the stove to the Barbie dolls--was made in other countries. ABC then hired movers and removed everything not made in America from the house. In the next installment of the series, set to air Tuesday, all those items will be replaced with American-made goods.