ABC Seems Not To Want To Admit 'The Lookout' Is A News Show (VIDEO)

Judging from a new promo, ABC would really like you not to know that its new show, "The Lookout," is a news program.

What's "The Lookout," you ask? Well, you might have known it in a past life as "Nightline," which is definitely a news show. "Nightline" was given a bunch of prime time space to make up for its move to 12:35 AM. Recently, though, ABC removed any mention of "Nightline" from the prime time spinoff, and renamed the whole thing "ABC's The Lookout." Because, like Bill O'Reilly, they're looking out for you, the viewer.

You wouldn't realize any of this if you watched the show's new ad, which aired on Friday's "Good Morning America." Words that don't appear in the promo include "news," "reporter" or "journalism." Instead, the whole thing is pitched like a sexy heist movie, complete with winking narrator, jazz music, and a logo that is very, very, very, very, very, very similar to "Ocean's Eleven".

Don't believe us? Here's "The Lookout":
the lookout

And here's "Ocean's Eleven":
oceans eleven

Similar, huh?

In between all of that, we see glimpses of the actual anchors from "Nightline" cracking cases, yelling at houses and talking from inside strange machines. There's also a bedbug!



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