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ABC's "Path to 9/11" Writer Gets Rave Review!

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Cyrus Nowrasteh - the screenwriter that ABC entrusted to write the 5-hour mini-series about the historical background to 9/11 does have an exemplary track record that made him the perfect choice for this sensitive task. He started out as a staff writer for such distinguished TV shows as "Falcon Crest", "Pacific Blue" and "La Femme Nikita".

He then graduated to the world of feature films - writing, producing and directing a 1998 comedy film titled "The Island" that put forward the hilarious premise that neither Marilyn Monroe nor JFK had died but were both actually living the wild life on a boozy island paradise. Portrayed on screen by Sally Kirkland and Michael Murphy respectively. This scintillating tale alas did not enjoy the success it deserved and failed to gain a theatrical distributor. It has not even managed to secure a token release as a budget video or DVD.

But despite this lack of exposure the film WAS seen by ONE fan who posted a rave review of it on the top-rated movie website IMDB - on September 26, 1998 - within weeks of the film's completion!

Shyly listed as "Anonymous" but giving a home town of Camarillo, CA - the solitary reviewer of this film described it as "Witty, bold, brazen, irreverent, affectionate, a real kick in the pants!"

The reviewer went on to further extol the virtues of the movie - saying: "You gotta take it the way it gives it---with a great sense of humor. Yummy!"

A little research about this shy solitary reviewer revealed that he/she had officially registered with IMDB under the name "ysteb". Though, somewhat strangely, this reviewer had never seen another film or TV show that inspired even one more review! And, shortly after writing this rave review of Cyrus Nowrasteh's masterpiece - terminated his/her IMDB account. Perhaps feeling that nothing else created in cinema's 100-year history - nor in succeeding years - could ever surpass it.

FACT: Cyrus Nowrasteh's official biography states that he lives in Camarillo, CA.

FACT: Cyrus Nowrasteh's official biography states that his wife's name is "Betsy"

FACT: "Betsy" spelled backwards is..... "ysteb"

Perhaps "ysteb" will re-register with IMDB and write a review of "The Path To 9/11"...

Perhaps Robert Iger will ask himself how he allowed ABC to entrust the writing of this extraordinarily important, sensitive film to Cyrus Nowrasteh...

Perhaps Robert Iger will ask himself how he allowed Disney and ABC to entrust its reputation to Cyrus Nowrasteh...


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