Abdul Mallik, Primary School Teacher, Swims Through A River Every Day To Get To School In Malappuram, India

How's this for dedication?

One teacher in Malappuram, India, will not let anything keep him from reaching his students -- not even a river. Each day, Abdul Mallik wades through neck-high water to get to the primary school where he's worked for 20 years, NDTV reports.

Why? Because it's the fastest way to get to class.

"If I go by bus, it takes me three hours to cover the 12-kilometer (7.5 miles) distance," he told the station. "But swimming through the river is easier, faster and I reach school on time."

Once he crosses the river, he changes into a dry set of clothes and then continues the walk to school.

In India, September 5 was Teacher's Day, according to SiliconIndia News. So when Mallik arrived at school that day, students greeted him with smiles and cards.

India Today reported that on the same day, J Jayalalithaa, Chief Minister of the neighboring state of Tamil Nadu, offered her appreciation towards teachers.

"[Teaching jobs involve] inculcating discipline, instilling self-confidence, determination and general knowledge in students," the Chief Minister said. "I wish that the teachers who do this special job create a knowledge-based society that will bring laurels to the country."

Mr. Mallik is certainly working to achieve just that.



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