Oscars 'In Memoriam' Tribute Snubs Abe Vigoda, Other Stars

The beloved character actor died in January.

Fans of "The Godfather" were likely taken aback when actor Abe Vigoda was left out of the Academy Award's "In Memoriam" tribute.

Vigoda, who played mobster Sal Tessio in the iconic film, died last month at the age of 94. A character actor with a memorable voice, Vigoda was also known for his roles in the movies "Joe Versus The Volcano" and "Look Who's Talking," and for playing NYPD detective Phil Fish on the TV sitcoms "Barney Miller" and "Fish." 

As E! noted, Vigoda did appear in the Oscars' online tribute.

Abe Vigoda as Sal Tessio in 'The Godfather'
Abe Vigoda as Sal Tessio in 'The Godfather'

Here are some other Hollywood favorites missing from the Oscars memorial:

  • Geoffrey Lewis
    Actress Juliette Lewis lamented her&nbsp;father's absence from the tribute, <a href="https://twitter.com/JulietteLewis/status
    Ron Galella via Getty Images
    Actress Juliette Lewis lamented her father's absence from the tribute, tweeting that he was "beloved by many." The elder Lewis appeared in dozens of movies, including "The Way of the Gun" and "Mind Games."
  • Gunnar Hanson
    You might not know Gunnar Hanson's name or face, but that's because he wore a mask in his best known role. Hanson starred as the villain Leatherface in the original version of  "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre."
  • Jacques Rivette
    The influential French New Wave director Jacques Rivette <a href="http://www.theguardian.com/film/2016/jan/29/jacques-rivette
    DAMIEN MEYER via Getty Images
    The influential French New Wave director Jacques Rivette died in January at the age of 87. Rivette was also a prolific film critic.