Abercrombie Covers 'What Does The Fox Say' To Convince The World It's Still Cool (VIDEO)

If you've seen the awesomely weird viral video for "What Does the Fox Say?" by Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis, you know better than to ever ask that question again.

Now, Abercrombie has taken it upon themselves to give the world the "Fox" cover it never asked for. Naturally, its version incorporates far more shirtless men than the original.

The retail brand that thinks it's synonymous with cool has been besieged by haters lately, thanks to its discriminatory dress codes and exclusionary ideology. Not to mention losing favor among teens, its viral-video-loving target demographic. Do you think this bizarre testament to pop culture will help to heal Abercrombie's damaged image, or only earn the brand more criticism?

Better yet, what does the model say?

Andew Cooper

Mmm, Male Models!

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