Abigail Breslin Is All Grown Up For Tyler Shields' 'Final Girl' (PHOTOS)

We all remember Abigail Breslin's incredibly awkward dance moves in "Little Miss Sunshine," but this 16-year-old is certainly a far cry from her sweatband-sporting, hip-thrusting days.

The actress is currently shooting her new film "Final Girl," for which celebrity photographer Tyler Shields makes his directorial debut. And the photographer-turned-director has nothing but kind words for his star, who got glammed up for a photo shoot with Shields before filming began.

"I don't even have the words to describe her; she blew me away on set yesterday," Shields said of his leading lady. "She learned things in 20 minutes it takes people years to learn. [She's] just such a funny, smart, talented girl and to be 16 with such poise and class -- it's a real honor to have her."

Though Breslin is no newcomer to movie sets -- she appeared in her first film, "Signs," when she was only 6 -- the pressure is still on to make the transition from child star to young adult actress.

"She is doing everything in the movie," Shields explained. "She is unlike anyone has ever seen her before. You will see the dangerous and the beautiful side of Abigail Breslin."

Check out Shields' shoot with Breslin below and head over to A Gallery to check out Shields' entire portfolio.

abigail breslin all grown up

abigail breslin all grown up

abigail breslin all grown up



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