Abigail Breslin Talks 'Janie Jones,' Music Career And Growing Up

Abigail Breslin: On-Screen Kisses And Flashing Her Bra

Abigail Breslin has come a long way since the "a la modey" cutie pie of "Little Miss Sunshine." At 15-years-old, not only does she have a growing acting resume, but she is also on the verge of a burgeoning music career.

While promoting her upcoming "Janie Jones," where she plays a 13-year-old girl who reunites with her estranged rocker father through music, Breslin told Movieline that the film inspired her to start her own band, whose first song debuted today.

The "Little Miss Sunshine" star also hopes to fuse her passions of acting and singing and secure a guest star spot on "Glee."

And while she's got a whole lot going on right now, for Breslin's next project, she'll be a part of the biggest most star-studded event possibly ever: "New Year's Eve." Here, she really grows up before our eyes -- flashing her bra and sharing her first on-screen smooch.

But, she says, she's not taking it too seriously, or letting her age get away from her.

"Well, how I feel about it is that in that particular movie I'm playing 15, and I was 15 when I filmed it. So I wasn't playing, like, 25 or something like that. That scene in particular where I do that [flashes her bra], that's kind of meant to be a very comical moment. "

But Breslin will be shedding all projected innocence in her next film, "The Class Project," the true-life story of a pair of sisters who drown their alcoholic mother in the bathtub, keeping the crime hidden for a year.

Check out Breslin's brand new song below -- they just grow up so fast!



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