Abolish Malaria as a Gift for Earth Day

I attended an event a few night's ago to raise awareness and money to help prevent and abolish malaria. It occurred to me that giving to this cause would be the perfect "gift" to celebrate Earth Day, which was April 22nd. Malaria is an illness that can easily be eradicated -- we have the knowledge of what to do - education, mosquito nets and medication, and the network of distribution is being worked out too.

Celebrating Earth is about enjoying, nurturing and protecting our environment. It's also about using our evolved skills and knowledge to help facilitate the most hospitable environment we can for earth's inhabitants while at the same time protecting all life forms from irrevocable damage. The damage caused by this illness is formidable and needs to be stopped. Millions of children die every year - malaria kills a child every 30 seconds -- that's clearly not very hospitable. We can change this. Donating to www.MalariaNoMore.org is the perfect way to express our gratitude for life, and an appropriate "Earth Day" gift to humanity.