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Abortion Ban & Virginia Massacre: Don't Forget To Thank The Nader Voters

It led to the appointment of Roberts and Alito. It led to abandonment of gun control statutes.
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(... and they certainly DID count. For Bush. For abortion bans. For weaker gun control.)

There are so many people to thank when the Supreme Court strikes down an integral part of a woman's constitutional right to abortion. And in the same week, a psychotically disturbed student is allowed to buy guns and bullets without any background check.

So we would be remiss if we didn't thank Ralph Nader and all the progressives who voted for that selfless individual in 2000 and 2004.

And all the purist bleating sheep who keep expressing resentment about being called to act with self-discipline and not attack fellow Democrats.

That holier-liberaller-progressiver-purer-than-thou attitude led indirectly to Bush "gaining" the presidency in 2000 and 2004. It led to the appointment of Roberts and Alito. It led to abandonment of gun control statutes. And to a Republican congress being able to pass laws that weakened existing gun control laws - with no President Gore or President Kerry able to veto the bills.

And the constant bleat of those selfish individuals was that "they're all the same". That if Gore couldn't beat Bush without the help of the Nader voters - then he didn't deserve to win.

And those same suicidal voices bridle at the mere suggestion that Democratic presidential campaigns and candidates should stay on-topic and not attack each other. But instead focus their campaigning on what's wrong with the Republicans and what's good about themselves.

For uttering this self-evident logic - I am often castigated as one who is supporting the status quo or enabling the corporate supported Democratic candidates. A classic red herring. I truly haven't yet decided on a presidential candidate to support.

One thing is for sure. I will be supporting whoever wins the Democratic nomination. Whoever it is.

And that is because you'd have to be an immature 3-year-old cucumber to claim that there was zero difference between George W. Bush and Al Gore or John Kerry.

That's not just my opinion. Ask the tens of thousands of women who will be denied an abortion as a result of the new Supreme Court decision (decided by Bush's two Supreme Court nominees.)

Ask those who have been bereaved by the slaughter in Virginia.

So please don't bleat your views to me about "democracy" being lost when I call for liberals/progressives/Democrats to be smart.

Those selfish Nader voters share their part of the blame...

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