Abortion Protester Interrupts DNC Meeting: "Obama Supports Black Genocide" (VIDEO)

Convention Center, Denver -- By far the most visible conservative protesters at the DNC have been pro-life activists, who seem to have representatives at all the major events, meetings, and parties.

The first gathering of the DNC African-American caucus this morning was interrupted twice by anti-abortion protesters yelling, "Obama supports black genocide!" Police sprinted down into the audience to grab the men while the crowd shouted them down with Obama chants.

Watch the two videos (after the first one plays, a button for appear to watch the second):

The charismatic former Denver mayor Wellington Webb spoke shortly after the first outburst. "There was a time when we couldn't have meetings because the police wouldn't protect us," he said to applause. "This time, someone interrupts the meeting, and the police take them out. And they weren't coming for us!"

Also from Webb: "Can you imagine a White House listening to Jay-Z and all the rest? That's too much to ask for." And on why he has to applaud President Bush: "He has destroyed once and for all the myth of white superiority."

The common thread of the event, though, were the (sometimes very emotional) testimonials about how meaningful Obama's candidacy and the convention were. Speaking about Michelle Obama's speech tonight, one speaker said, "There's finally going to be a First Lady who looks like me."

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