Elizabeth Warren Furious About Roe Decision: 'Hang On To This Anger' For Midterms

The senator urged President Joe Biden to use his executive authority to defend abortion access.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren railed against the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, urging voters who feel the same way to channel their energy at the ballot box in November’s midterm elections.

“I am spitting mad over this. We have six extremist justices on the United States Supreme Court who have decided that their moral and religious values should be imposed on the rest of America. This is not what America wants,” the visibly angry Massachusetts Democrat said in a Friday interview on CNN.

Warren said that the public shouldn’t despair over the decision dismantling the half-century-old precedent that protected abortion rights, but rather stay engaged in the months ahead.

“We are not without actions that we can take. We need to have hope, but we need to hang on to this anger because we can use that anger to fuel change,” she said.

Warren, along with more than 20 other Democratic senators, has called on President Joe Biden to use his executive authority to defend access to abortion, including by increasing access to medication abortion, using federal property and resources to increase access to abortion, especially in states where such services are limited by state law or regulation, and exploring providing vouchers for travel to those seeking an abortion outside their state.

On Friday, Warren reiterated that Biden is not powerless in the wake of the Supreme Court decision and that he should act as soon as possible.

“The president needs to pick up every tool available to him and use it to protect access to abortion. Use it to protect the individual rights of those who are counting on our president to do that,” Warren said.

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