Above's Short Film '#Socialmedia' Half Mocks, Half Embraces Our Addiction (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

We all know the addiction that afflicts so many of us, whether we admit or not. Whether your poison be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or all of the above, most of us are "connected" in a way that may be hurting us more than helping us. Side effects range from "Fear of Missing Out" to becoming a full on internet troll. Not to mention, as Paris-based street artist Above reminds us, you look like kind of a tool.

The anonymous artist's latest graffiti project takes on the usual suspects of social media -- Twitter, Facebook, and the newest addition to the list, Instagram -- in a short titled "#socialmedia." The time-lapse film, which we first found on Design Taxi, features 9,000 photographs of painted phrases criticizing our dependence on all things share-able, in tones both sincere ("Social media is consuming our lives), and cheeky ("Check your Facebook while having sex").

On his Vimeo page, Above sets his crosshairs on people who "check [their] Facebook page while driving," "Tweet a message that [they] ‘just took a shower’," and "Instagram a photo of [their] double soy macchiato with extra foam." Not that he's claiming to be above it all. "Please join in and reblog on your Facebook and Twitter accounts," he continues. "Enjoy and try to keep up."

What do you say readers? Is Above trying to have it both ways? Or can we all "join in" without becoming total junkies?


#socialmedia by Above